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Why We Minister with Flags

Why Join Us?

Patricia Dyer Praise Dance

Breakthrough Flags Ministries uses the creative worship arts of Flags, Streamers, Billows, and Scarves along with other forms of pageantry to advance the kingdom of God and minister the Father’s love to his people

  • Do you wish to lift up the name of Jesus Christ before all the nations?
  • Do you want to learn strategies that will equip you to effectively war against the enemy using flags?
  • Do you desire to speak a prophetic word from the Lord to his people using the creative arts?

If the answer is “Yes!”, then sign up to our website, Breakthrough Flags Ministries, to receive your FREE instructional video, “5 Worship Flag Movements You Can Instantly Incorporate into Your Choreography

You will also receive information about  our upcoming workshops and helpful tips that will take your ministry to the next level of worship!

Grace and Blessings,

Pat Dyer

Find out how, where and when we worship. We hope to see you soon!!


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Seek The Kingdom Of God Diligently

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Set Time Aside To Discover A New Love For God’s Word

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Fall In Love With Jesus

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