Purposeful Powerful Praise

with Minister Patricia Dyer

Keys To Effective Choreography


Here Are 3 Keys You Can Use To Unlock The Choreographer In You.

One of the first keys for effective choreography

is to remember that what you are creating is not just a dance- it is the word of God in motion.  It’s an expression of the heart of God and a way to reveal the truth about God and His love for His people.

Next submit to the Holy Spirit.  Choreography is not just stringing together a series of steps -that’s not ministry.

First, ask yourself why are the people there. What do they need to receive ?  And what would move them?


Why would they be moved by your ministry piece?

You need to keep your audience in mind during every step of your choreography.

Why?  This helps prevent one of the most common mistakes in

choreography — self-indulgence.

Choreographers can sometimes approach their choreography as simply “I love to do this!”

assuming that people will enjoy watching their dance as much as the dancers

enjoyed dancing it.  This is a dangerous assumption and your audience may quickly

lose interest unless you know how to hold their attention and make it meaningful for them.


#2  Let’s take about Music

What is being said in the words of the music ?

What’s the feeling or the mood of the music?  Ask yourself are your

movements clearly communicating the message of the music.  Look for music that

sings God’s word, you need to be selective about the music you choose to minister to.

Be sure to spend time with the music so that you can begin to see and feel the message

that the music is sharing.

Here is some food for thought if you are doing a solo, try to choose music that is no

more then 4-5 mins long.  People tend to lose interest when watching a single person

dance for 10 min.  If your ministry piece is more than three minutes long, you

should add some elements of dance composition like using the entire stage,

creating level changes,breaking up the line-of-direction the dancer moves in,

and using different floor patterns.

#3  How should you arrange the dancers?      

Know your dancers.

Know your capabilities, know your weaknesses and build on your strengths

also know the capabilities and weaknesses of

your dancers, to be able to effectively

communicate your movements.

Here is a tip  for you when arranging

a group of dancers.

Consider placing your best group last,

as the finale and your second-best group  first.

  First impressions are important

you don’t want to spend the rest of the time trying to change

your audience’s mind from a weak first impression.

Beyond that, the dancers order is up to you.

When you use a key, you use it to unlock something and to gain access into another realm.

By using effective choreography your ministry piece becomes the key that will

help your audience shift from one realm into the other.

It is the anointing of the Lord that breaks and destroy yolks,

not dance movements.  Make sure you are spending  time before the Lord so He can drop into your spirit the key purpose of the particular ministry piece

He has called you to do.  I pray that these keys assist you to create choreography

pieces serve the Lord  and serve the body of Christ.






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