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Patricia Dyer Praise Dance


You have a divine gift to praise God through graceful movements and worship flags and banners.

Patricia with Gold Flag


Minister Patricia Dyer

Praise with Passion and Power

Our Team

Leaders in Faith

My Approach

Purposefully use flags, banners, billows and streamers to worship the Lord

Praise with passion and power

Use your routines to minister to lost and brokenhearted worshippers and, most of all, release the strongholds of the enemy

About Me


Hi! I’m Patricia the director of Breakthrough Flags Ministries.

If you’re like me you have a mountain-moving, soul-stirring praise dance in your heart and I’m here to teach you how to unleash it. Before I tell you how I’m going to do that, let me share the story on how I fell in love with praise dancing………

My passion is praise and worship!

Patricia Dyer

You’ll touch the souls of your audience with every unique and graceful move of your praise and flag performance.

Patricia Dyer

You have a divine gift to praise God through graceful movements.

Patricia Dyer