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We began an interesting journey last week, as we endeavor to uncover the ministry of ‘flags’ and their role when it comes to worship. In case you missed out on last week’s article, please click here. We defined what flags are and just as a reminder, flags are symbols, banners, and standards. Either one of these terms points back to ‘flags’. In the Bible, we see quite a number of instances where these words have been used. Before we dive into today’s very interesting topic, let us not forget that flags are not worshipped in and of themselves, lest we become idol-worshippers. They are symbols used as vivid reminders of God, Jehovah-Nissi (Our banner). They are an open declaration of this fact before the congregation and the body of Christ.

Have you ever been in a worship service where flag dancers use different flag colors at different times, or in different songs and you begin to marvel and wonder why so much color at the pulpit? Guess what, this is exactly what we are looking at today. The different colors of flags and their Biblical basis as well.

Solid Colours

  • Sapphire/Blue: Heaven, healing, holiness, grace, hope, law/commandments, freedom, anointing, priesthood.
  • Orange: Fruitfulness, Holy Spirit, Praise, Warfare, Lion of Judah, Joy, war/ warrior, praise, intercession, passion, deliverance, power
  • Yellow: Sunshine, the glory of God, eternity, holiness, anointing, purification
  • White: Saint, Holy Spirit, glory, light, angels, cleansing, The Bride of Christ, purity
  • Purple: authority, royalty, priesthood, majesty/ kingship
  • Silver: Word of God, faith, wisdom, grace, strength, redemption, purifier
  • Green: health and vitality, new beginning, growth, prosperity, healing, praise, life, freshness, restoration, throne
  • Black: Mystery of God, darkness, mourning
  • Fuschia: communion, joy, right relationship
  • Gold: Presence, divinity, power, praise, honor, God’s glory, majesty, altar
  • Pink: Child-like faith, God’s embrace, tenderness, glory, Rose of Sharon, right relationship, a soft heart

Some biblical references to these colors are ( Numbers 15:38-41, Exodus 28:31, Daniel 3:19-29, Psalms 97:3, Revelation 3:18, Psalms 51:7, Revelation 1:15, John 19:2, Psalms 66:10, Psalms 92:14, Daniel 2:19, Exodus 37) Please take time to read them.

Sometimes, flags that are used have a combination of colors. Let us look at some of the main combinations:

  • Red, yellow, and orange: Holy spirit fire
  • Blue, silver, and aqua: River of God
  • Blue, aqua, turquoise, white: Healing water
  • Rainbow: Promise, covenant

The danger of being so rigid with these colors when it comes to flagging in worship is we tend to be insensitive to what God is saying or how God is directing us to flag. It is okay to flag as the Lord leads to avoid being so religious and to be flexible enough for God to use. I stumbled upon a very interesting video courtesy of called to flag which will bring the point home.

Remember, it is okay to know what the colors mean, but be flexible enough for God to use you in the flag ministry.

“It is what is in your heart, not what is in your hands.”

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